Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller Review



There is simply no comparison. This controller had me very interested after doing my research on the product. I was the proud owner of a custom SCUF controller that cost 60 dollars more than this guy. That SCUF feels like a piece of junk in comparison to the Elite controller.

The weight of the controller, the tight smooth seems, the rubberized grips, the trigger stops that can be flipped on and off on the fly (important when playing Halo and you need to use a weapon that charges up aka the plasma pistol. The short pulls will not achieve the input needed for this to charge ), the interchangable thumbsticks and more importantly, the analog housings and components themselves.

The analog holes are lined with a harder, smooth plastic that accommodate the fact that the metal analog sticks will rub against them. And boy, are they smooth. The sticks have a high quality arcade joystick-like feel to them, and snap back to the center with just a bit more force than a standard controller. They feel weighted and beautiful.

The paddles on the back have changed my game. I began Halo 5 with true frustration as none of the control schemes were just right to me. I was not a happy camper. After painstakingly forcing myself to adjust to a button re-mapped controller that is breaking my Halo instincts burned into my brain, I am getting better by VOLUMES.

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