Which Console has Better Games: PS4 Pro or Xbox One S?


xbox-one-s-vs-ps4-proWith the holiday season just around the corner, more game consoles are likely to be bought off the shelf. After all, consumer electronics are popular gift options during Christmas, and game consoles usually top the list. If you were to choose between Xbox One S and PS4 Pro, which one would you pick?

Many would say that Xbox One S is better compared with the slim PS4, rather than with PS4 Pro, what with their similarity in features. But considering that they are two of the latest game consoles on the market, they are, understandably, pitted against each other.

Game console comparisons can be based on various aspects, but the most important one is the number of games available. After all, graphics, performance and other features only matter if you play a game, where each feature can affect your gameplay experience.

Xbox One S

This console features some of the best exclusive games, such as the Gears of War series that will be revisited and enjoyed more with the release of Gears of War 4. Nothing says a good cover shooter more than a new platform, development and heroes.

Xbox One S also offers a fantastic arcade racing action with Forza Horizon 3, which is Microsoft’s take on an arcade-style driving game. While it was a spin-off from Forza Motorsport, it took a completely different direction by taking on mud tracks and off-road races.

You can also play the Halo series, including Halo 5, with this game console.

But the real highlight is that Xbox One S is backward compatible with Xbox 360. That is, you can play some of the games on Xbox 360 with your Xbox One S. At the moment, the games you can play with are limited, but it won’t be long before most of your Xbox 360 favorites will be made available in the latest game console.

PS4 Pro

When it comes to exclusive games, PS4 Pro won’t be outdone with some of the best game titles it can boast about. These include Bloodborne, The Last of Us, Ratchet & Clank, and Uncharted 4. Unfortunately, you can’t expect much from its racing games, with Driveclub being less impressive than Xbox’s Forza series.

Another downside is that PS4 Pro’s backward compatibility is less impressive than that of Xbox One S, which could be a bother for some.

If you’re a fan of a specific exclusive game, it would have been easier to choose between Xbox One S and PS4 Pro. But, if you’re looking at overlapping games, making a final decision could be a bit of a challenge.

Both PS4 and Xbox One run some of the biggest game titles in this generation – Hitman, Battlefield 1, OverWatch, and Titanfall 2, just to name a few.  Under the circumstances, you would have to compare both consoles based on other aspects, such as performance, HDR gaming, resolution, HDR and 4K content, graphics, and even dimensions. When necessary, get down and dirty with a comparison of 4K video content vs hardware performance to really make an informed choice.

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