Top 5 Most Popular Dota 2 Heroes


Flavor of the month heroes come and go in Dota 2, but no matter the patch, you can almost always find the same handful of heroes at the top of the most picked list.

Though they’re all vastly different, they do have one thing in common: they’re very good at killing stuff. Play one or two pub matches of Dota and you’re almost certain to see them.

According to Dotabuff, these are the five most popular heroes in Dota 2.


Games picked: 269 million

Juggernaut is one of the most reliable carries in the game. Plus, he looks really, really cool, and in a game with hundred-dollar cosmetics, style counts for a lot.

When you need a carry and you don’t know what to pick, Jugg is often a fine choice. With built-in magic immunity, built-in critical strike, and an ultimate that shreds lone enemies, he has no problem dishing out damage. He’s also one of the few carries with an AoE heal, which lets him sustain pushes or stay alive in tough lanes.

The cherry on top? His skills aren’t complicated, and he can use tons of items effectively, so you don’t have to be a pro to make him work.


Games picked: 287 million

Most heroes in Dota 2 have four skills. Invoker has 14, and he has to summon most of them one at a time using key combos that you have to memorize. You’d think this added challenge would drive players away, but good Invoker players are a sight to behold, and everyone thinks they can pull it off.

A good Invoker can control the battlefield, locking down multiple enemies for what feels like an eternity. He’s not easy, but once you’re competent with him, he’s one of the best heroes to have in your arsenal.


Games picked: 304 million

Sniper has long been a joke in the Dota community. He’s slow, squishy, and his ult drops off very quickly. But once he’s farmed, he can dish out physical damage at an absurd rate. His voice lines are also annoying, so when you die to him, hearing “You got peeped!” adds insult to injury.

Sniper is popular because he does a ton of DPS and steals kills like it’s his job. Plus, if the enemy doesn’t pick a hero who can close the gap and get next to you, it’s very hard to take you out.

2Phantom Assassin

Games picked: 311 million

Phantom Assassin is an agile carry known for having the most damaging crits in the game. Though the chance is low, she’ll occasionally strike a blow that does four-and-a-half times its normal damage, exploding some enemies instantly in a gush of blood.

Her crits would make her a popular pick alone, but her other passive lets her dodge half of all incoming attacks. You know, because she’s a phantom.

She’s weak to magic damage, so she’s often seen as a glass cannon, but when she fires everyone else takes notice.


Games picked: 416 million

When it comes to popular heroes in Dota 2, nobody else even comes close. Pudge has been picked 100 million more times than the runner-up, and there’s a good reason for that.

Pudge is a butcher and a jerk. He throws out a meat hook on a chain, catches you, and pulls you to him like Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. Once he has you, he chokes you with noxious gas and literally eats you alive.

Hooking your enemies takes skill, and it’s satisfying to pull it off. Apparently everyone else thinks so too, enough to play him 416 million times…

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