Startup News: Mobalytics Raises $2.6 Million in Venture Capital to Improve Gamer Performance



Mobalytics, an eSports company creating a more robust way for competitive gamers to analyze and improve performance, announced it has raised $2.6 million in seed funding from Almaz Capital, Founders Fund, General Catalyst, and GGV Capital. The funds will be used to grow the company and launch the first version of its platform. The team is hiring passionate gamers who love to think about gaming and performance critically.

Millions of gamers play competitively every day and all of them want to win. By applying machine learning to the in-game data and leveraging professional expertise, Mobalytics assesses a player’s strengths and weaknesses to provide actionable, individualized insights on how to improve. The company first showcased its technology in September at TechCrunch Disrupt 2016 in San Francisco and won the coveted Disrupt Cup and $50,000.

Mobalytics plans to launch the first version of its platform in a private beta and grant access to the first 10,000 users from the waiting list in November. The initial version is focused specifically on League of Legends since that game has the most robust API and the largest eSports community. In line with its goal to expand to all competitive games, Mobalytics also opened pre-registration for the Overwatch platform, which is planned for launch next year.

Today, the team is working on the core of the Mobalytics platform, the The Gamer Performance Index (GPI). The GPI uses data available from the game API and crunches it through machine learning algorithms to determine player performance. Based on the GPI, the platform will automatically generate personalized insights to define play style, strengths and weaknesses, and provide advice on how to improve.

To ensure the results are meaningful, the company is currently testing the alpha version of the platform with League of Legend coaches and a handful of users. Also, they are working with pro players and teams to get their input on the player assessment process.

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