Paris Saint-Germain eSports signs Blanc and Pilot



Former Jin Air Green Wings League of Legends mid laner Jin “Blanc” Seong-min and AD carry Na “Pilot” Woo-hyung are set to join Paris Saint-Germain eSports, owned by the French soccer club of the same name.

The deal comes after both players privately departed the Jin Air Green Wings this month and sought out their options. Paris Saint-Germain eSports, for its part, had actively looked for two experienced South Korean talents throughout the offseason before finally settling on the duo who have competed with Jin Air since the beginning of their professional careers.

Pilot and Blanc did not participate in games with the Jin Air Green Wings in the recent KeSPA Cup, an offseason tournament which was the last time several Korean rosters would play together. Pilot’s last game with Jin Air occurred during the League Champions Korea Regional Finals on Aug. 29, against Afreeca Freecs, where they failed to qualify for the World Championship. Blanc’s final game with the team occurred against CJ Entus on July 6.

While Blanc’s competitive experience with the Green Wings took a backseat to fellow mid laner Lee “Kuzan” Seong-hyeok, Pilot manned the starting AD carry position for the team for the majority of 2016. Pilot had the fourth highest kill-death-assist (KDA) ratio at 4.4 of South Korean AD carries during the summer season, while contributing 27.7% of his team’s damage, the third highest among his peers.

Paris Saint-Germain first entered the esports space on Oct. 20. The team signed two professional FIFA players, acquired Team Huma’s League of Legends Challenger Series spot and signed retired support Bora “YellOwStaR” Kim to manage its esports division.

PSG declined to comment.

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