The wait that’s been happening since BlizzCon 2016 is finally here. Update 1.5 adds the new map, Ecopoint: Antarctica, as well as the new Arcade mode, which introduces a rotation of alternate game modes that offer the chance to earn loot and extra experience. A few balance changes have also been implemented on a number of characters.

And those aren’t all of the changes that are coming with Overwatch update 1.5. According to the official Blizzard patch notes on its website, the game is now capable of being played on the Playstation 4 Pro, so if you’re buying one of those you’ll still be able to play Overwatch. You’ll also be seeing a few adjustments in experience requirements to level up from levels 14 to 100.

When it comes to general gameplay, players will find that destroying Torbjorn’s turrets or Symmetra’s teleporters will no longer charge your ultra (that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t destroy them though, if you’re on the opposite team). Speaking of ultimates, their cost has been increased 25%. When it comes to the ultimates of specific heroes, you’ll now have to “get in there” a bit slower if you’ve been hit with Ana’s “Nano Boost” ability, as it no longer speeds you up.

D.Va’s been made even more terrifying now, as in addition to not being affected by her ultimate “Nerf This” ability, the cost to call down a replacement mecha has been reduced by 20%, while the mech’s health has been increased to 200. Its armor will remain at 400, however. Its movement speed while firing has also been increased 25%.

Lucio’s “Amp It Up” healing ability has also been nerfed, seeing a 10% decrease in health per second. Mei’s Blizzard ultimate has been increased by 15%.

Other heroes include Mercy’s passive health regeneration now kicking in after a second of not taking damage, while Pharah’s Rocket Launcher has had its minimum explosion damage increased and its minimum knockback decreased.

Soldier 76’s Pulse Rifle shots are also going to get stronger, while the bullet spread has also been slightly increased.

The full patch notes may be viewed here. Ecopoint: Antarctica will be joined by another map, Oasis, sometime in December.

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