Sombra is arguably one of the best heroes in Overwatch to date. Her ultimate, the EMP, can cause debilitating crowd-control in a wide radius which makes her a deadly weapon for your team. But landing a good EMP is just a quarter of how you should play Sombra. Today, we’re going to give you Five Sombra Tips in order for you to improve your SR and climb your way into the competitive ladder.

Overwatch Tips: Top 5 Techniques To Play Sombra

Translocator Placement – One of the most effective way to place your Translocator is to throw it behind enemy lines. This will enable you to not only dodge disables (sleep dart, flashbang, etc.) but also places you in a vantage point which will allow you to get a hold of the enemy’s position – offering huge potential for a flank and hack.

Bait EMP – This is one of the psychological advantages of Sombra in the game. When facing against enemies that are greatly countered by Sombra such as that of Reinhardt, you can bait your EMP so that they are forced to prematurely cast their abilities and ultimates before getting disabled by EMP. You have two choices, you can disengage and wait for the ultimate to wear off or you can disable it to follow with your team’s counterattack. Either way, you’re in a great advantage nonetheless.

Efficient EMP Usage – Another factor to consider when casting your ultimate is to make efficient use of it. Don’t just spam it whenever it’s charged. Wait for crucial moments such when Mercy is about to revive a crucial enemy target. Use EMP effectively and maximize its effects to win the entire match for your team.

Hack Unaware Targets – It’s essential that you make use of your hack before engaging a target in order for you to win a decisive battle against a 1v1 situation. As pointed out by Terioth, hack gives little warning to your enemy thus, gives you a great advantage when flanking an enemy.

Contest Objective While Stealth – The most effective usage of Thermoptic Camo is to contest objective while stealth as the enemy aren’t able to pin-point your exact location; giving mental pressure to your enemy specially when they’re on a pinched. If done correctly, your enemy will panic the moment you contest or push the objective which will give your team in a clear advantage once they’re out in the open.

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