Microsoft Xbox One S Review


xbox-one-s-review-9First and foremost the Xbox One S has the travel and tech savvy gamer in mind. I have read other reviews only boasting its ability to stream 4K and leaving out the real reasons why this is a great console. Let’s get to the meat and potatoes so to speak.

1. Yes it is 4K, does this mean anything for players without 4K TVs? Absolutely, because once you do finally upgrade to the 4K you have been looking at since the last Black Friday, you will have a 4K media player and 4K Blu-Ray player ready to go. A 4K Blu-Ray will cost you around $350 and a 4K media player like $100. So in a sense you are already ahead of the game.

2. This unit is 40% smaller, which is a huge decrease in size, allowing you to travel with it without ditching an extra days worth of clothes.

3. Upgraded controller with texture and Bluetooth, allowing you to switch from console to Windows PC without the extra MS controller adapter. Plus it has truly been upgraded, the guts are completely different and it has a 3.5mm audio jack for your headset instead of that goofy mini one you needed yet another adapter for.

4. Internal power supply! Yep, no more hauling that brick around with you that doubles as one of those Amish electric heaters. Additionally the power cord is not some crazy proprietary configuration where if you lost or damaged it you would be out of the game for a week waiting on a replacement.


5. It’s faster than the original. You might think that 7.1% is not that impressive but when it comes to gaming, that is a pretty good increase.

6. Solid build! Upon pulling it out of the box the first thing I noticed was it still felt solid and it felt close to the weight of my original Xbox One. I wouldn’t have minded if they could cut some weight off it.

7. Vertical positioning! Not all of us have the space to have a VCR equivalent sitting on top of our Sound receiver, not to mention the heat build up is ridiculous. My new Xbox One S came with a vertical stand that allows me to go vertical again and save some much needed real estate. My only complaint would be that the way the stand attaches to the new Xbox seems precarious. I am not sure if I can lock it in better but it’s definitely on my things to try list.

8. Robot white! This thing is pretty slick, as in cool looking. I prefer to go with Storm Trooper white without the gloss, but I hate to say it..white is white less dust and fingerprints or microscopic scratches.

9. Reconfigured ports. I didn’t see any blue sub 3.0 ports as you see on the side of the original; however I plugged my external 2TB with sub 3.0 into the front port and the speed was outstanding. You still have an extra hdmi for your cable box which is great to plug a fire stick into, and an ir port. My only wish was if they were to add a PC audio output (3.5mm) out so I could plug in my PC speakers since I play on a monitor not a TV.

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