Live: CS:GO Major 2017 is Streaming on Twitch


Professional Counter Strike: Global Offensive broadcaster ELEAGUE is at the helm for the start of the 10th annual Counter Strike major which is live now from Atlanta, Georgia. The tournament has now been running for a decade, spanning two iterations of the legendary hardcore FPS.

Hosted by Sue ‘Smix’ Lee and Chris Puckett, the 2017 Majors will see 16 teams duke it out for supremacy. The roster is made up of the top eight teams from the previous tournament and eight new challengers, who have progressed through qualifying tournaments held in various continents around the World. Among the contenders are some huge names in gaming, including Na Vi, Fnatic, Virtus Pro and Team Liquid.

The tournament will span over seven days, from january 22 to January 29 and has a prize pool of $1 million, with the winning team bagging the lion’s share of $500,000.

You can check out the schedule for the tournament on their official website, as well as watch the official Twitch livestream on their Twitch channel.

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