How to Use Facebook to Grow your Twitch Fanbase



Facebook is one of those things that a lot of streamers like to dismiss, and while I understand why, I wanted to get into the reasons why you might want to pay at least some attention to it when it fits into your growth. Understand that using Facebook for Twitch streamers can, but don’t have to be, a part of your marketing strategy.

Using Facebook for Twitch streamers

The most common mistake with Facebook, as a Twitch streamer, is that most like to think that Twitter have text covered and YouTube have videos covered. There’s however one big fault in that. YouTube don’t have videos covered… it’s true that you can host your video on YouTube and it’s true that a video can go viral on YouTube. However YouTube is not a place for discovery, or at least not a very good way to discover new things (there’s an exception to the rule). Meanwhile Facebook have a much higher discovery rate, now their numbers a very skewed in the sense that videos auto play on their platform, still that’s not a bad thing for you.

What’s the Point of Facebook?

Creating content, as with everything. It’s not a place to copy your Tweets or post your YouTube clips. No we’re, again, talking about using the built in features of Facebook. They don’t want you to leave that page so a YouTube clip has to be clicked while a Facebook clip is play automatically.

Sure you won’t get paid for a few (at the moment) on Facebook, but why does that matter in a growing phase? It’s about getting engage with your community and having an exchange of valuable content. You don’t make the same videos for YouTube as you make for Facebook anyway. You can but as I mentioned YouTube is for intent and Facebook is for discovery.

You need to go with the flow of Facebook, sure you can be all about your brand but you won’t get very far. Instead you need to understand who you’re trying to reach, since you won’t reach everyone even if they follow you on Facebook.

Understanding how Facebook Works

To really understand what that means we have to understand how Facebook works. Facebook used to be like Twitter with a ever flowing news feed of information from everything you liked, what interest and who you followed. But what Facebook did was curate, they do that with their ever evolving algorithm. If something isn’t interesting to someone it’s never shown on their Facebook feed, even if they follow you. They actually need to interact and engage with the content you put on Facebook. If all you’re doing on Facebook is the same you do on Twitter or just it was a information dump, then you might as well stop using Facebook for your Twitch channel. Using Facebook for Twitch streamers is a lot more then that, you need to create content that people want to interact with over and over again. While that might sound simple it’s not about you and instead it’s about your audience. Ask yourself what do they like and what will they like?

What will your Audience like?

Facebook changes constantly so what might be good to do today will probably be bad tomorrow. What yo can do on Facebook is that you can play a lot more with your brand. You don’t need to stick to that one thing that built your Twitch channel up. Instead using Facebook for Twitch streamers is more about understanding your audience, relating to them and being one of them. Facebook is all about the interaction, if someone don’t get comments, likes, shares, etc. no one will see it in their feed eventually. You might think that a Facebook page is good enough since people can go there and look BUT almost no one will and you don’t want them to have to click on that page, you want it to show up in their feed as soon as they go to Facebook.

Let Facebook be the place where you are you. Allow it to be an extension above and beyond. Let it be a place where you get to understand your audience and you audience understand you. It’s place for them to further get a insight into what you like.

Let’s Start to Share/Create Content

You keep the interest with good content, either thing you like, what they like or something you’ve created. Then you’re able to push out content that’s related to your stream. If they’re hardcore fans they’ll enjoy that they can actually interact with you outside of Twitch and if they’re outside of your sphare of influence they might share it with their friends. Yes you’re going to do a lot of giving before you get anything back and that’s the rule for a lot of marketing. So if you’re not ready to commit actual time to create/share something that people want to have and instead only want to push your channel/advertisement etc. you’re playing a loosing hand.

The Age of User on Facebook

It’s true that the user of Facebook are older then on most other platforms, that also means that they actually have a income and disposable income. It’s important that you know your target audience and the average age of that audience, since if they’re very young your efforts on Facebook might go unnoticed. However if you know that your audience is older, or a large part  of it is older, then that’s great news. You can now tap into that with your content and relate to them on a platform that they actually like to use on a daily basis.

What if I don’t like Facebook?

That’s fine, but then don’t use it. Never ever push the same information on that as other platform. That doesn’t mean you can’t use the same content and instead it’s all about how you push that content to your Facebook following. Never use a platform that you’re not going to do properly, the only thing that will happen is that you’ll loose loyalty since you’re not responding on that platform. You also don’t want to spread yourself too thin, since you’re probably a one man team and it’s better to focus on one thing at a time and get used to that before moving on the next thing.


  • Do create video content that will be interesting in the first few seconds.
  • Be creative and visual. A image is better then a text link.
  • Don’t be afraid to share outside of your brand
  • Have a lot of fun with it
  • Tell your story

Do Not:

  • Re-use content from your other social media
  • Over use text, unless relevant
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