How to Stream on Twitch Using a Video Capture Card



For the best looking and most customizable streams, you’ll want to use a video capture card. For as easy as it is to stream directly from the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you won’t get the best quality video output.

Our recommendation would be the Elgato HD60S or the HD60 Pro if you have a desktop tower. Elgato Game Capture software is incredibly simple to use and perfect for beginners to get their feet wet with. It’s well laid out and doesn’t have too many complicated settings. The overview video above gives a quick run through of things, and it’s the same to use with a PlayStation 4 as it is an Xbox One. You have simple controls to alter the output of your stream, keep the audio in tabs and even to add a fancy overlay or webcam.

The Elgato also works flawlessly with third-party software such as XSplit or OBS, if you’re looking to get extra fancy. Once you’ve given either of these access to your Twitch channel you can go about designing the stream layout of your dreams, hit broadcast and off you go.

Some Tips

  • Twitch doesn’t like folks to have a bitrate in excess of 3500 on their streams. You might have the best upload speed in the world but viewers might not have a download speed to match. Too high and it’ll buffer all the time and your viewers will have a bad experience and probably tune out.
  • You need some decent hardware if you’re using a PC and a capture card.
  • XSplit costs money to get the most from it and OBS is completely free. They can both stream to Twitch with a multitude of customizations on your stream. You can get download and try some of the basic XSplit features for free to get a feel for it, so try both before making your mind up.
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