How to Start Steaming on Twitch from Your Xbox One



Streaming on the Xbox One isn’t quite as easy as it is on PS4, but it’s nothing to fear. While the Xbox One lacks the lovely Share button that’s built into the PS4 controller, the Xbox One does have Kinect functionality for Twitch.

Assuming you own a Kinect 2.0, starting your Xbox One live-streaming experience is a matter of saying “Xbox, broadcast.” Starting up Twitch sans Kinect is a simple matter of opening the Twitch app.

Speaking of which, unlike the PS4, you will need to visit the Xbox Store apps section to download the Twitch app before you can begin, as it isn’t included with the Xbox One. Setting it up is essentially the same as setting up Twitch on the PS4.

After logging in with your username and password, you’ll need to visit to enter the code displayed on your Xbox screen. After that, your Xbox One will be successfully linked to your Twitch account.

Aren’t you glad you got a Kinect?

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