How to Start Steaming on Twitch from Your PS4



Playstation 4 users may livestream gameplay to Twitch by pressing the Share button in-game and selecting Broadcast Gameplay. Users can link their PS4 with a Twitch account and then stream video almost instantly. You can also use Playstation Eye with this feature, which will give you the option to either be enable or disable this feature.

Menu options allow the broadcaster to activate or mute the PS4 mic to provide voice-over commentary, mute in-game audio, make comments visible, send links automatically to Twitter and Facebook, and add comments.

1. On the dashboard, go to Settings.

2. Scroll down to Sharing and Broadcasts.


3. On the next screen go to the bottom and select Link with Other Services.


4..  Select Twitch.


5. Go to on the web and enter the code you’re shown on the screen.

6. When directed back you’ll be informed your PlayStation Network account is now linked with your Twitch account!


7. To stream first hit the Share button on the controller.

8. Select Broadcast Gameplay.


9. Now select Twitch for which you’re now already logged in.


10. Set your stream title and resolution. You can go as high as 720p 60fps.


11. Hit Start Broadcasting and stream to the world!

Comments appear visible on the PS4 user’s screen through a narrow scrolling display.

Streaming sessions are ended by pressing the Share button.

On Live from Playstation (the app for watching streams on PS4), you may only watch streams coming from a PS4. Therefore, you can’t watch a Dota 2 or League of Legends stream (unless they come to PS4).

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