How to Play the Phenomenon that is League of Legends


618784936-paris-games-week-2016-day-two-at-porte-de-versailles-in-paris-850x560In case you haven’t heard, the popular online game known worldwide as League of Legends continues to dominate. Whether it’s from their massive presence in the eSports scene or just the amazing lore that comes with the game, LoL has been a phenomenon since it first came out.

It’s not easy to throw yourself into the Summoner’s Rift just yet, so how does one get into the game? Well, the first thing you want to do is download the game for either your PC or Mac. Make your account and fire up the game to allow the latest patches and updates to be processed.

Once you get everything situated, it’s time to figure out which of the starting champions suits your style. It’s best to check out all their main moves and videos right in the game client and see which one makes sense for you.

It’s best to probably start out with either Garen or Ashe as they’re both pretty simple to play and do very well starting out. Once you get your champion figured out, it’s time to begin practicing. It’s recommended to do a practice game against the computer to get the basics of the game before playing real-life opponents.

The purpose of LoL is to work your way all the way through waves of minions, other champions, turrets, inhibitors, and finally to destroy the opposing team’s nexus. It’s important to manage your gold wisely as item upgrades, potions, and flasks are crucial to end-game success. Also, the best starting tip is to remember that the final hit on a minion gives you gold. The more gold you have, the easier it is to get upgrades and really start pushing the envelope.

Overall, before you get into 5v5 matches, wondering which champion to unlock first and everything else in between, do a few practice matches. That way, you’ll learn how to attack turrets the right way without sacrificing most of your health and leave your game victorious. Once you get that down as well as when to use your champion abilities, you’ll eventually grow to truly love this game over time.

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