Hearthstone Mean Streets of Gadgetzan to Be Released Dec. 1, 2016



Blizzard announced back during BlizzCon 2016 that the new expansion pack for Hearthstone was on the way and they recently announced when the expansion would be made available. It’s a lot sooner than you may have been thinking.

Polygon is reporting that during a live-stream on Twitch, Blizzard game designer Matt Place and Dan “Frodan” Chou played through various games and showcased new cards while revealing that Hearthstone: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan will be released on December 1st.

The expansion will take Hearthstone players to an all new map, along with introducing players to 132 brand new playable cards, including the all the new tri-class cards that can be used across multiple character classes.

Polygon’s staff have been covering some of the new cards being made available in the free-to-play CCG that will make an appearance in Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, including cards like the Grimestreet Pawnbroker, which will give gamers a +1/+1 to a random weapon in your deck hand. There’s also status cards that can be played to diminish the defensive capabilities (or offensive properties) of an opponent, such as Devolve, which transforms all enemy minions into random ones that cost 1 less than usual to play.

There are also other cards that can drastically alter the way combinations or setup moves are handled, such as Stolen Goods, which gives a random taunt to a minion your hand +3/+3. Other strategic cards like Wickerflame Burnbristle can be used to completely humiliate opponents, such as using the Divine Shield Taunt, where damage dealt by Burnbristle will also heal your hero for the damage dealt.

These new cards are bound to add an extra layer of strategic fanfare to the overall PvP elements of Hearthstone. This will be the eighth major update for the game, featuring all new play-sets and cards to outfit your deck with. It will also be the fourth major PvP-oriented expansion following on the fourth major adventure release, which came out a few months ago, called One Night in Karazhan.

Interestingly enough, they haven’t detailed what ratio of cards will break down into rares, epics or legendaries for the upcoming Hearthstone expansion, but rest assured that once the new content drops on December 1st, gamers will likely roll out all the details on each of the new cards.

The free-to-play CCG has been one of Blizzard’s biggest new assets to join the family of properties under their brand. The game was generating around $20 million a month back in 2015, according to GameRant, and it’s been one of Blizzard’s prime money cows in recent years, alongside Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm and the long-running World of Warcraft.

It’s interesting to see how the company has diversified their gameplay offerings to tap into a wide variety of different genres to attract as many different types of gamers as possible. They still haven’t quite been able to capture that lightning in a bottle that they did with World of Warcraft half a decade ago, where the game had around 12 million subscribers, but they’re steadily getting there with Hearthstone, and you can expect the numbers to continue to rise for the CCG once the new expansion drops on December 1st.

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