Hans Christian Dürr joins Riot Games as Head of Esports DACH


Hans Christian Dürr has accepted an offer from Riot Games to join the company as its Head of Esports DACH.

Announcing his latest career development on LinkedIn, Dürr’s responsibilities boil down to aiding in the growth of League of Legends esports in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Hans Christian Dürr Riot Games

Prior to joining Riot Games, Dürr spent years working with organisations’ League of Legends rosters. Joining Splyce as its Esports Director for Europe in 2016, he spent over a year there before moving on to his Football club FC Schalke 04 establish itself in the esports industry. Dürr was also responsible for the great execution of Schalke’s training facility in Berlin.

Hans Christian Dürr, Head of Esports DACH at Riot Games said the following in his announcement: “Riot Games has recently opened a second office in Berlin to serve and build deep and long lasting relationships with their players in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. I am honoured to continue my esports journey at Riot Games as their Head of Esports DACH. It is my goal to help build an open and meaningful ecosystem for competitive League players where national heroes can be born and teams can set their mark in one of the biggest League regions.”

Dürr’s announcement also makes it known that Riot Games is looking to add other members of its management team. It’s possible that the company is gearing up to review applications for EU LCS franchising spots.

Hans Christian Dürr recently appeared on The Esports Roundtable, a podcast that hosts different guests each and every week, discussing all things business in esports.

Esports Insider says: Working with two EU LCS teams in the not-so-distant past, Dürr is in a great position when it comes to working with these organisations. Careers in League of Legends don’t get much bigger than working with Riot Games, so he’s hit the jackpot. Hopefully all of the recent developments in European LoL will culminate in something special.