Fallout 76’s Twitch audience is as sparse as the wasteland


In case you hadn’t heard, a brand new Bethesda game released last week and is bringing in some spectacular number in terms of review scores and Twitch viewership. Spectacularly bad, anyway.

Fallout 76 was initially announced at E3 earlier this year to much ado, making our list of the top ten best games from the event. It may not have been a new Elder Scrolls game or a single-player Fallout, but Todd Howard had us pretty psyched.

Unfortunately, our hopes were royally nuked with the launch of the title, and as the paltry review scores continue to roll in, it seems that the players as well as the critics are disappointed and losing interest, as the viewership on Twitch continues to plummet.

GitHyp reports that Fallout 76 had less than half the viewers Fallout 4 had at launch, peaking at 106k concurrent views compared to Fallout 4’s 243k.

Fallout 76

Viewership has slumped since release – hell, it’s slid right out of its chair and is face down on the floor. Fallout 76 is currently ranked #31 in the list of the most-watched games of the year so far, and it’s only been out for a week.

In terms of review scores, the game is not doing well, with a huge amount of 3s, 4s, and 5s rearing their heads.

If you’re still on the hype train in the face of all of the negative press, you’re in luck; Fallout 76 has already dropped below £40 in amongst the masses of Black Friday deals.

And we’ve even got you covered with a handy guide and walkthrough.