Evo Championship will Return to Mandalay Bay Las Vegas in 2017



Las Vegas, the soon to be capital of eSports, will once again be the bicycle shed where the world’s top fighters flock to for the annual Evo showdown which will take place July 14-16. Evo has long been the flagship tournament for the world’s top fighting games, an eSport which I feel deserves a lot more recognition and appreciation.

Drawing in fans of thousands, and some of the most talented gamers out there, Evo has always delivered an action packed weekend of eSports which anyone can relate to. In case you’ve never seen a fighting game, you have to punch the other guy till he’s K.O’d. There are a number of different fighting games, some of which are shown in the announcement trailer for Evo 2017.

In 2016 Evo hosted nine games in total, they were: Street Fighter V, Super Smash Bros, Killer Instinct, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom, Pokken Tournament, Mortal Combat X, Super Smash Bros Melee, Guilty Gear Xrd, and Tekken 7.

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