Australian Twitch streamer allegedly taken into custody for hitting his wife during a livestream


MrDeadMoth reported to have been caught in bout of domestic abuse during a Fortnite stream.

Twitch streamer MrDeadMoth has apparently been apprehended by authorities after appearing to hit his wife multiple times during a Fortnite livestream. Initially posted by RevvOCE on Twitter, the clip shows the streamer engaging in a conversation with his off-camera wife that escalates to the point where he leaves the chair. A sound like a slap can be heard followed by the woman crying, calling him a “woman basher,” and a child begins to cry.

The first clip begins in the midst of the argument, so the larger context isn’t clear, but the scene continues to escalate in the second clip as MrDeadMoth flits between his chair and his wife, off camera.

In a video shared on YouTube of the incident, it appears that the woman is throwing things in the run up to the events in the Twitter clips.

According to YouTuber Keemstar, both MrDeadMoth and his wife were apprehended by the police. He also reported that the pair had been charged by police, but this conflicts with information from self-proclaimed hacker Cylint, who tweeted that the charges against the woman have been dropped.

In the wake of the alleged incident, which took place yesterday, the streamer’s Twitch and Twitter accounts have been deactivated. His YouTube account is still live.

For more information on reporting incidents of domestic abuse, visit the NHS website for more information.