4 Tips for Great Giveaways on your Twitch Channel


Giving away prizes on twitch is one way to get more viewers into your stream! However, simply offering a prize up can be tricky. How do you get value to your stream that matches the prize you are giving away? If you are giving away a $60 dollar game, but only 3 people enter and nobody follows your stream, it won’t be a great long term plan!

1. Transparency

Being honest with your giveaways is the best way to convert people who are stopping in, into long term viewers. You should promote the giveaway in your stream title, however you must then follow through. People will complain when they don’t win, so listing everything out is key.

Rules – What are the rules to the giveaway?

Entries – How many entries can people have?

Dates – When will the item be given away, time/date etc?

Pro Tip: Use a Chat Bot to select a winner which will eliminate people being able to say you choose a friend etc. You can also choose trivia to reward long time viewers of your stream, try not to pick a question that is easy to google.

2. Conversion

Not everyone who stops by will be a long term follower and you don’t want them to be. Adding to many random people to the chat can really throw off the balance and base of your stream. People type all kinds of random things and don’t understand the rules of the stream. The longer people stick around, the more likely people will be to convert. Stick to the rules and time, don’t get eager to give away something early because non followers are asking about it.

3. Lead Time

The bigger the prize, the more you can ask and the longer you should lead the giveaway.

In-Game Item/MUT Card – Few minutes, maybe ask for a RT.

Game or DLC? – Lead up for a week, maybe ask for a follow/share or some type of engagement.

Console? – Lead up for a month, consider asking for an email, share, have them make a video etc!

People will be more willing to get active depending on how good the prize looks. If it is relevant, expensive or exclusive, they will value it more!

4. Ask!

Ask for material for giveaways! We can’t all buy a console to giveaway each week, it just doesn’t work. So controllers, headsets, consoles, games, items need to be in mind! Got a friend who doesn’t use his in-game items any more, see if he would want to sponsor a giveaway.

We have a great community and people often send over in-game items to be shared since we have provided them value. This really helps out other people in the community, we are simply facilitating the giveaway.

We have been able to giveaway games and consoles which generated huge traffic for our stream without spending a crazy amount. The most important thing is our community likes these opportunities, so as long as the engage, we can keep doing them.  We love to be able to give them the chance to win and they really step up for us!

Giveaways can certainly be tricky, but no doubt can be a great way to boost your traffic. The key is being honest and hoping to convert a few people along the way!

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